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Little Stars Christian Preschool

Newsletter June 2022


Dear Parents and carers


The weather has been very hot and sunny so please remember to put suncream on your child. If you don’t have any or if you forget, we have some here that you can use.

We also have lots of sunhats but some children do prefer their own.


We will be enjoying playing & learning with water, please try to repack your child’s bag with a full set of clothes & some spare shoes.


Spare clothes

We have now used all of our spare clothes. Please return anything that your child has been sent home with and also if you have any spare t shirts, joggers, leggings or socks (aged 3-4) that you no longer need then we would appreciate them here.


Fruit preparation

Please follow this advice from the Health department regarding how to prepare fruit for young children:


Pips or stones in fruit

Always check beforehand and remove hard pips or stones from fruit

Small fruits

Cut small round fruits like grapes, cherries, berries, strawberries and cherry tomatoes, into small pieces: cut lengthways and then again cut them in halves (quarters)


Exciting summer fun

Wildside Encounters – 4th July for all children

Please return your forms for this.


Church family BBQ – Sunday 3rd July, in the afternoon at Newbold Comyn, everyone welcome.


Rainbow room children – trip to Foundry Woods, Thursday 14th July.


School Transition

We are currently talking to schools about your child so that their transition to school will be smooth. It has been so lovely to chat to your new teachers.



The Rainbow room children are enjoying PE sessions which are alternate Wednesdays & Thursdays. The children have been using crash mats, tunnels, balancing & throwing and also learning how to dress & undress themselves.



Staff are busy writing reports & will be booking parent reviews between 20-30th June & sharing this information with schools and new nurseries as required.


Work Experience

We have three work experience children with us this week – Naomi & Kyle (who were Little Stars children a long time ago) and Eve. They are very popular with the children and are lovely to have around



The children are really enjoying our jungle animal topic, learning about initial sounds (L for Lion etc) we are doing lots of crafts, patterns, songs & stories.


Forthcoming topics & dates;

w/c 20th June – continuing animal fun & mini beast fun. Lots of water & sand play, cornflour & physical play.


w/c 27th June – We will do lots of play learning about schools for the Rainbows & for those children moving on.

We will have a moving up day so the children who will be Rainbows in September will have a morning in the Rainbow room.


w/c 4th & 11th July -We will be following the children’s interests, possibly superheroes or pirate fun * lots of party fun, doh disco, baking & everything the children ask for.


w/c 18th July

Monday 18th – normal day

Tuesday 19th –  big party day for all children 9.15-1.15 with food & icecream (this is the last day for children who are returning to us in September)

Wednesday 20th July – leaving ceremony for Rainbows & Sunshines who are not returning;

9.15am – children arrive   11.30am – parents come into Church     1pm  – thank yous & goodbyes. (More information nearer the time)



We managed to receive £52 from this collection, thank you to everyone who donated.


Next year

Our open day went well with quite a few new families attending but we do still have some spaces, especially for three year olds. Please share with friends, colleagues and anyone you meet who may be interested in a preschool for their child.


September Term

Term stars on Wednesday 7th September for children.


Love from Sara Rouse and all of the Little Stars Team

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