Sept 21 news

Little Stars Christian Preschool

Newsletter September 2021


Dear Parents and carers


Welcome back to Little Stars and to our new families a really warm welcome to our preschool. Everyone has settled in so beautifully, which is lovely as we are aware for many families there has been very little mixing with other people over the last year.


The Sunshine room (our 2 – 3 year old’s) has been busy as the children learn to separate from their parents and play with other children – but they are all loving the water and sand play, crafts and Fireman Sam small world play 😊


The Rainbow room (preschool room 3 – 4 year olds) has been an oasis of calm….. for now 😊, the children have loved returning and seeing their friends and making new ones too. They have been looking in mirrors and drawing themselves, looking at their hair colour and eyes. There has been some lovely play with the small world and pretend walkie talkies and wonderful talking.


Covid – Thank you for returning your covid agreements. As we head to the season of runny noses, coughs and colds, can I please remind you – if your child has a temperature 37.8 or more, continuous cough, or loss/change in taste or smell then we have to assume its Covid and they need to take a PCR test. If its negative they can return as soon as they are well.

If your child has a regular cold – with symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezes, a mild cough then keep them off for a day or so until they feel better. Please do telephone us for advice. Please don’t dose them up with Calpol and send them in as this may hide a high temperature which could indicate Covid.


Please label your children’s water bottles, lunchboxes, hats and coats etc – we sometimes get into a muddle sorting out whose items belong to whom.


Healthy eating at Little Stars.

At snack time children are offered snacks such as a cracker, breadstick, wrap, brioche and fresh fruit, alongside milk and water. Attached is a leaflet about healthy lunchboxes with some photos of examples of lunchboxes too 😊. We are encouraging families to register with a dentist, as locally there is an increase in children’s tooth decay – please try and book in and get your child used to these check-ups.


Our shopping basket

You may have noticed that we have a little shopping basket out with photos of products that we need. Please do help us to keep costs down by adding some of these products to your shop.


Places available at Little Stars

We have a few places available in the Sunshine room and a couple in the Rainbow room. Please do spread the word about our preschool, maybe share our Facebook page or put a leaflet up in a local shop. Or share our website with your friends.


How Little Stars is run

Little Stars is a not for profit organisation, we are a registered charity and are run by a board of trustees on a voluntary basis. Our current trustees are;

Ian Doncaster – Chairman

Blessing Simango – Treasurer

Sara Rouse, Amanda Kilgour, Karen Barge – Trustees

Easy Fundraising & Amazon Smile:

An easy way to fundraise for Little Stars is by using Easy fundraising, a simple tool which makes a donation to Little Stars when you do online shopping at no extra cost to you.

We are also registered with Amazon Smile which means we can receive donations from online shopping there too, just register Little Stars as your cause and continue shopping. The link is:


Bags 4 school

Our next collection is 16th November. Please start to collect any unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, belts, soft toys etc and bring them in – we get paid per the kilo and sometimes manage to raise nearly £100.00


Regency Run Marshalling

Thank you to the families who have offered to help us this Sunday, if we have 10 helpers we will be given £500.00 fundraising money and then we can order a new kitchen for the children…

Safeguarding corner (each of our newsletters has a safeguarding tip)

Car seats – please remember to strap your child into a correctly fitting car seat. It really is not safe to have them on your lap in the back of a car. Here is the link for the rulings about correct car seats and fittings.


Staffing and Keyperson

We are delighted to welcome Mrs Darby to our team, she is joining us on a temporary basis in the mornings to help us support some children in our Rainbow room. Please chat to her when you see her – she is Codiefia’s Mummy 😊

We will allocate children to a key person over the next week or two, once everyone is settled.


Wow moments

We love sharing – if you have something exciting to tell us e.g. – potty training, trying new food, drawing a picture, a trip on a train please tell us and we will put it up on our wall. We have attached a sheet of wow moments or you can just email us 😊


Library, Bookbags and Sweatshirts

We have set up a library box of books which will be outside, you are welcome to choose a book with your child to take home and then return. We have a few book bags, polo shirts & sweatshirts on sale. The bags are also useful for bringing home letters, pictures etc, they cost £3.50.  Sweatshirts and t shirts are not compulsory but they are an easy, comfortable and practical option. The sweatshirts are £9.00 and polo shirts are £7.50.


Nursery Education Funding Form Signing

For all 3 year olds, children on the 2 help scheme or those eligible for the 30 hour entitlement. You will need to sign your forms week commencing 26th September, I will spread out the signing through the week so there isn’t a queue.



October Half term

Please remember that our October half term is longer than the school ones as we do not receive funding from the Local Authority for this week. We will close Friday 15th October and open again on Monday 1st November – ready for bonfire, Diwali and Remembrance week fun.


We want this term to be a positive experience for you and you Little Star. Please do chat to me, or any of the staff if you have any queries or worries.


We ‘re always keen to hear your views about Little Stars, and will be sending out a “your views and your child’s views” sheet over the next few weeks, please do return them as we use this feedback to plan and improve.


Love from Sara Rouse and all of the Little Stars Team

01926 477597

Stars mobile 07983 098171


Dates for your diary:

Regency Run Marshalling Sunday 19th September 8.00 – 11.30 am


Half term 18th – 29th October


Bags 2 School Collection


Tuesday 16th November (end of the day)
Term Ends


Thursday 16th December