Children are offered stimulating play opportunities to encourage learning through play, exploring and creating, Building on their imaginative and role play, outdoor play, messy play, music, stories and more.
Staff are skilled at offering activities to promote maths, literacy and language skills and all areas of learning, using small group, large group and individual activities - focussing on the child’s interests to ensure their attention is captured.
Little Stars is a caring and loving community, caring for all children and their families. Children are encouraged to think and care for each other, sharing, turntaking and being kind to one another. They learn about feelings and how their actions can affect others.

Welcome to Little Stars Christian Preschool

Little Stars Christian Preschool started in September 1996, shortly after Leamington Spa Baptist Church opened their new premises in Chandos Street in the centre of town. During the planning stage for this new building, the dreams and visions of a small number of child care professionals, to open a Christian based Preschool in the centre of town which would serve the local community to support young children learning safely through play, were born.

From a very humble start with only a handful of children and unpaid but willing volunteers, Little Stars began to shine. The inspiration for the name came from the ceiling in the sanctuary of the church – if you look upwards you can see a giant star shape!

Over the years Little Stars has grown in many ways:

  • The opening hours have been extended; now open five mornings a week, including four lunchtime sessions and four afternoon sessions.
  • We try to operate at a higher staff: child ratio than required to offer quality care and education.
  • There are more children; we can accommodate 32 children at a session. Our Sunshines and Rainbows enjoy their time with us, playing, sharing and learning together.
More About Us

Little Stars Baby


We are pleased that Ofsted have recognised our strengths in the quality of childcare and the educational provision given to children in our care. It’s great to have this feedback from Ofsted.

Our most recent inspection was in May 2018, when we were given the rating:


Ofsted Good Rating


“my toddlers have turned into confident, sociable, caring, imaginative and creative beings”


“When they started school, they were prepared for the new challenge in their lives and the school transition stage for our family was a breeze”


“I can always tell which children have attended Little Stars”

Reception Class Teacher

“Staff turnover is incredibly low. Staff/child ratios are also higher than required = more attention for your child!”